Hub in Hungary

The Kislépték SFSC hub has the following aims:

  • identify regional/national stakeholders to support their activities due to know how transfer;
  • facilitate data acquisition and information flow within case studies and among project actors;
  • ensure communication with other hub managers in the project to access good European practices for Hungarian SFSC actors;
  • promote synergies with regional/national operational groups;
  • organise multi-stakeholder and training workshops at regional/national level;
  • disseminate project results at regional/national level;
  • stimulate technological and non-technological innovation in Hungarian short food supply chain
  • cooperate with the European community to exchange best practices and stimulate innovation


Link here to read about the two Case Studies in Hungary.

The Hungarian Association, which represents the interests of small-scale farmers provides the possibility for formal functioning of the civil and professional partnerships that have been working informally up to now. Actually, one of our most important programs is called „the creation of an NGO for sustainable local economic initiatives and analyses of their market viability”, which can be realized by the support of the Swiss-Hungarian Cooperation Program and the Swiss-Hungarian NGO and Scholarship Funds. Its objective is the amelioration of the legal and economic conditions for small-scale, local initiatives that can strengthen the local economy. The union assumes the promotion of food production and processing with low burden on the environment, handicraft production, as well as their markets’ access, through its advocacy of protection of the environment, and its international relations. The following topics and activities are emphasised: · Facilitating the conditions of production and promotion of small-scale producers of food and handicrafts. · Creation of a flexible regulatory framework for the production of foodstuffs in private dwelling houses. · Stimulation of non-profit trade and short food supply chains · Development of ecologically sound rural tourism that is based on traditions (Green road, Fish road, etc.) · Assistance for self-employment · Assessment and support of producers, expansion of their knowledge · Creation of a union for representing interests · Legal assistance in requesting modification of legislations, or official standpoints. · Establishment of an international partnership and co-operation in interests · Presentation of good practices


An Innovation and solution-based multi-actor workshop will take place in Hungary on 25 June at 10:00-17:00 CEST, organised by the Hungarian Hub.
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