The GAIN transition model presents 4 levels of engagement and collaboration for the SFSC-actors and -stakeholders. The model offers great opportunities to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of short chains with practical and strategic solutions, to accelerate a sustainable food transition through facilitating collaboration among short food supply chain actors.
The various level playing fields are divided in 4 levels:
LEVEL 1 (local), LEVEL 2 (regional), LEVEL 3 (interregional / national) and LEVEL 4 (international).

How are we going to speed up the transition to a sustainable food system and society? How are we going to agree on approaches and support each other? How are we going to get there?

The GAIN transition model is developed to address these wicked problems, this video clearly explains the dynamics and mechanics of the model:

To put this theoretical model in perspective, see the results on the implementation of this model by visiting the page GAIN model in practice here. (You need to have an account on this site to view the page. Sign up here - it's FREE to join!)


The benefits of the GAIN model

  • Enabling collaboration between actors and stakeholders on the local, regional, national and EU levels;
  • A network of hundreds of e-commerce platforms for local products, stakeholders that work together on added value models, by way of Data, Money, Authority, Tools, Expertise and Reach;
  • Boost of social engagement and empowerment of networks to re-establish the connection between consumers and farmers;
  • Application of blockchain technology for value-based business models guided by SDGs (water collection, carbon capture, food as medicine, etc.);
  • Community empowered campaign strategy to transition from ‘early adopter’ to ‘early majority’ by creating demand driven markets.

You’re able to participate and benefit from this GAIN model integration within the SMARTCHAIN innovation platform. By registering to the innovation platform you will start as a level 1 player and get access to i) our SFSC innovation inventory, ii) searching our database of SFSC publications or weblinks iii) overview of the SMARTCHAIN network. In order to access higher detailed and strategic levels of information and tools we ask you to contribute to our inventory of SFSC initiatives and participate in our GAIN model collaboration game by sharing and connecting your network and innovation tools. If you are interested, then register on the SMARTCHAIN Platform.

Do you want to get in contact and interact with members of this SMARTCHAIN community? Then we welcome you to join our community page! Within this community all members share and gain knowledge, expertise and practical solutions related to short food supply chains! With the overall aim to create a strong ecosystem of SFSC actors that will strategically collaborate and exploit synergies within these networks of actors, in order to accelerate the shift towards collaborative SFSC.

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