Hub in Germany

The German SMARTCHAIN innovation & collaboration hub is located in Stuttgart (Germany). It is affiliated with the Hohenheim University and managed by its Research Center for Bioeconomy (HRCB). In its function, the center acts as a central contact point for procurement and execution of national and international collaborative projects across all faculties. The HRCB feels committed to establish and implement the interdisciplinary topic of Bioeconomy at the university and beyond. Further, it fosters the networking of national and international researchers from the fields of agriculture, natural sciences, economics and social sciences and supports them in joint projects.

The German SMARTCHAIN hub maintains close contact with its two case studies “Einkaufen auf dem Bauernhof” and “Solidarische Landwirtschaft e.V.”. All parties keep each other informed and up-to-date on their current and future activities, also beyond the various tasks in SMARTCHAIN. Together, we aim at connecting all relevant actors involved in short supply chains, especially those from direct marketing, and create a comprehensive network that can increase their market potential and create new opportunities for cooperation and exchange.

Our focal point lies in the promotion and strengthening of the direct marketing scene and its infrastructure in Germany as an alternative, more direct distribution channel to conventional supply systems. By empowering consumers to be either directly involved in food production processes or in close contact with the producers, we are trying to answer some of the most pressing challenges regarding trust, consumer perception and transparency in the local food supply domain.

The German hub also represents SMARTCHAIN's interests beyond its project activities by participating in large international fairs and events (e.g. AGRITECHNICA, Südback, etc.). Within SMARTCHAIN we are devoting ourselves to maintain continuous exchange with all other national hubs and partners to find potential synergies and maximize the project’s impact.

An Innovation and solution-based multi-actor workshop will take place online on 9 June at 13:00-16:00 CEST, organised by the German Hub. 
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